Can you help? Reflections of Newcastle 1914-1918

Reflections of Newcastle 1914-18 is a Lit & Phil collaboration with Northumbria University, Newcastle College and November Club to explore the intellectual, cultural and social life of Newcastle during the First World War, concentrating in and around the Lit & Phil. The research will be developed into a city centre trail beginning and ending at the Lit & Phil through the creation of an interactive eBook. This eBook will be promoted to community groups, schools and visitors as a historical and educational tool and creative project to help people explore the city and its historical buildings and areas of interest in relation to World War 1, as well as the Lit & Phil itself.

We have now recruited a part-time Project Manager, Ben Jones, to oversee the project. We have also recruited several Lit & Phil members who are undertaking research alongside interns from Northumbria University on various themes, and students from Newcastle College are working alongside November Club on the digital and creative design aspects of the project. The work the volunteers and interns are doing not only supports the project but is enhancing and developing their research, creative and digital skills.

The eBook will be launched on 1 July 2016, marking the centenary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme alongside installations and performances, by November Club, based on the research findings. Further updates on the project will appear as more and more information and material is uncovered.

If you would like to find out more about the project and opportunities for you to help, either as a researcher or in another capacity there is plenty of time. Please contact Ben Jones on for more information on the project. His usual day of work at the Lit & Phil is Wednesday so please feel free to drop in for a chat about the project or email at any time.


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