The Silence is Broken

Suddenly it is June. The weeks have flown by and the Lit & Phil’s blogger now tries to make up for the long silence. Apologies.

It’s been busy of course, with lectures, concerts, readings, workshops and classes taking place. Not to mention people using the library – as a library!  In April we increased membership fees by a small amount (but not in all categories!). To ease the pain we increased the number of books members can borrow. Which is good for members – and good for us because it means more shelf space.

During April and May we had an exhibition of Folio Society books. On Thursday, as part of the Festival of the North East, we celebrate the opening of the exhibition Returning to the Philosophers’ Table Hot on the heels of this will be The Postcard: a Voyage of Discovery, an exhibition curated by Gail-Nina Anderson ( 28 June – 27July). There is a launch event on 27 June at 6pm. Come along if you can.

Tonight we begin our series of events marking the centenary of Emily Wilding Davison’s death, with a lecture by Julia Weatherall. Check the website for details of more events….

We have no evidence that Emily Davison set foot in the building but it’s heartening to note that more than 40 years earlier Millicent Garrett Fawcett delivered lectures to the Lit & Phil on The Education of Women and The Enfranchisement of Women.


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