November already

November already! Where have the last two months gone…? It has been a busy week again, what with one thing and another. On Monday morning we had our monthly Staff Forum, which this month was an update for staff from Chairman Paul and Vice-Chairman Chris. One piece of really good news is that we have been given planning permission for an access scheme for the building. At last! Now we must fundraise in earnest…..

So far this week we have had two lectures (John Forster and Jekyll & Hyde), a jazz concert, a book launch (Science Fiction writer Peter F. Hamilton’s Great North Road) and a reading (Kathleen Kenny’s Creative Writing Class). Tonight we have a lecture on Arabic Mathematics and tomorrow there’s another concert. It’s great that we are able to put on such a variety of events – the more people we can encourage into the building, the more new members we are likely to recruit. October was an excellent month for new members – 41 in all!

2013 isn’t too far off, of course, and we are in the process of planning lectures, concerts and other events. Next year is our 220th birthday and we’re hoping to celebrate throughout the year with a packed programme….we’ll keep you posted.

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