Ghostly Goings On

We like ghosts at the Lit & Phil.  And they like us. Most of the time. Think of all those years of Phantoms at the Phil – summer or winter there’s nothing like a good ghost story.  The last few days have been especially phantasmagorical (if that’s the right word).  We started off last Wednesday with an insight into the world of M. R. James, given  by supernatural afficionado Gail-Nina Anderson. This was the amuse-bouche that preceded an evening in the company of James himself (well, Robert Lloyd Parry), ensconsed by candlelight in the Loftus Room, telling supernatural tales to a rapt audience.

Today started as a normal Thursday, nothing unusual or untoward, everyone just getting on with what they had to get on with. Suddenly an alarm goes off! The peace is shattered. Someone has gone through the alarmed fire exit in the Loftus Room. We check the CCTV footage. The door  opens BUT NO ONE IS THERE.

By sheer coincidence, our resident group of Paranormal Investigators are here this weekend (sorry, it’s sold out).  We’ll ask them to have a quiet word with our mischievous friend. Stop it. It’s not funny.

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