Tuesday: a Pointless Day

On Sunday, crime fiction writer Ann Cleeves and actress Liz Carling made a return visit to the Library, with Ann talking about the delights and challenges of writing short stories. Liz then read The Habit of Silence, Ann’s short story set in the Lit & Phil. It was a real thrill to listen to the story being read in the atmospheric surroundings of the library itself….we won’t give away the ending but the murderer was rather  close to home….and wasn’t that Chaz Brenchley she was describing, reincarnated as “The Poet”?

 War was yesterday’s topic. Another return visit, this time by Andy Robertshaw, who talked to a group of enthralled pupils from a local school about his experiences working as Military Consultant to Mr Spielberg on the film War Horse. One of the teachers who accompanied the boys said afterwards that they had all been “inspired” by the talk, so many thanks to Andy. Later, at 6pm, he gave another version of the talk to an adult audience, all of whom seemed pretty much enthralled, too.

 And today, well you could say the topic is “Pointless”. Our Honorary President, Alexander Armstrong, has travelled up from London. He is currently leading a masterclass with acting and directing students from Newcastle College. In fact, that has just finished and he is now being interviewed for local radio! Before too long he will be signing copies of his new book in the library. The 100 Most Pointless Things in the World is the book, and it’s a must have addition to everyone’s library!

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