Conversations in the Silence Room

At the time of writing this blog (Tuesday afternoon), sound engineers from the BBC were here, setting up the Silence Room which was to be used to record an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Book Club. James Naughtie is interviewing David Almond about his novel Skellig.

 Now (Wednesday) we’re pleased to report that it was a fabulous event, with a packed audience of different ages, which is always good to see.  There were some great questions for David and it was fascinating to hear how the book came to him and the way in which the development of the story was almost out of his hands…

 The programme will be broadcast on 4th November. Please tune in….

 On Monday nine students from Sheffield University’s School of Architecture visited us and were given a tour of the building by Paul Gailiunas, our Chairman.  They are gathering information for a project about Newcastle, largely focussed on the Lit & Phil and the Grainger Town development. Each seems interested in different aspects of building –  some the stone work, some the internal detail, some the social setting that we grew from, but all are considering the built environment. Chris Calver also spent a couple of hours with them. By chance another Board member, Chris Purser, was around and so he too was able to meet them as they were studying our impressive collection of early maps of Newcastle. And on Tuesday, inspite of the hideous rain, they were  back again, continuing their research and we hope that they might allow us to have a copy of their study when it is completed.

 Yesterday was also week two of our autumn Latin Classes, which have really taken off, and we are already thinking of the 2013 sessions! As previously mentioned in the blog, Jane Arnfield is performing her adaptation of The Tin Ring here later this week and she is here rehearsing today, with a dress rehearsal in the evening. Most performances are now sold out which is great news for us but disappointing for those trying to find a ticket.

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